Fare thee Well 2011 | Bring it 2012



It’s been a rough year for me.

Both personally and financially.

…for everyone at the moment and not just myself, or so I’m told.

I’ve struggled with juggling the photography and the neverending search for employment.

Then trying to keep that afloat.

The ultimate goal for me is to be a full time freelancer who lives in Dublin and is capable of paying his bills whilst still keeping the creative juices flowing,….

I don’t think anyone wants a 9-5 job, realistically.

We choose them to get by, to save and to work our way that little bit closer to our dreams and aspirations.

We all want the same thing in the long run and that’s to be happy in whatever we do throughout our work or social life.

If your happy in what you do,
….It’ll shine through and just like that if your unhappy in what you do, that will also shine through,….in a less than gracious way.

Without my friends and family, I would still be Ian Keegan
…but a slightly more tainted version.

Without them, I would have given up along time ago.

It’s the everlasting support from Caz (my girlfriend and closest friend), my family (each and everyone one of them) and my friends (Franco, Mick and Anto to name afew)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who come back to this blog regularly for visual loveliness and I promise I’ll have some lovely(er) pictures in the new year

Happy New Year and
Thanks dudes and dudettes,

I’ll see you all soon

Big Love,

iKeegs x


2 thoughts on “Fare thee Well 2011 | Bring it 2012

  1. Happy New Year! I follow you on Instagram (jainne), and I think you are super talented!! Keep your chin up and put all your good thoughts out to the Universe. Good things will come your way, I’m sure of it. Good Luck and Happy 2012!

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