Lytro | Shoot Now, Focus Later | Talent Not Required

Right so I’ve kept my mouth shut as of late regarding the soon to be released Lytro camera, for good reason.
Like many, I think it’s just fear of the unknown. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Taking photos without focusing,…

The concept – A camera that records not only light, but the intensity of it and the spectrum of colour (color for my american readers) and since its recording all of this information simultaneously, which is called light field data, the user is able to focus, then refocus after the image has been taken. Lytro also boasts about the ability to be able to share to your photos via your social media sites directly from your desktop or from the website.

The camera
– Doesn’t look at all like a camera, feel like a camera, or even shoot like a camera and takes literally two buttons to operate it; instant power on and the shutter button. The shutter is also instant, meaning it has no auto-focus motor in it. When combined with the re-focus after you shoot feature, this enables the user to never miss a moment ever again, even in low light, as the light meter on the camera reads approximately 11 million megarays of light coming from all directions into the camera.

The specifics (for the geeks) – The capacity of the Lytro comes in two variations; an 8GB model ($400) and a 16GB model ($500), both Internal Storage. The filetypes are known as Light field picture files or .lfp’s, (oh goodie, another file format). It’ll come in 3 different colours ; Red Hot, Graphite and Electric Blue and weighs in at a measly 214g.

The outer shell is made of Ultra-light anodized aluminum with a Silicone Rubber grip.The battery type is a Long-life Li-Ion internal battery. The base of the body has a very cool 1.46 inch| 33 mm backlit touchscreen. One of the coolest features above all though I think is the constant f/2 aperture and a zoom slider button with an 8x optical zoom (Hopefully not in the same “Zoom” sense as a P&S)
Exposure on the device is set by tapping the touchscreen, but you can also interact with your shot on the devices screen after it’s been taken, setting or resetting the focus point.

Lytros website has all of this info, I’m just breaking it down as simple as I can.
I won’t be sure about this one until I can actually get my hands on one to review in full.

Earliest we’re gonna see one is Q1, 2012.

To be frank, this camera is a game changer -fact!

Be it this one, or perhaps just the technology that resides in it, but rest assured it will.

This is iKeegan,

Signing off for another day,

Ciao 😉


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