The Wedding of two Old Friends

I met Jane & Stephen back when I was about 18 or 19 years old. Back in the days when we, a gang of about 6/7 of us pumped easily about €30 / €40 a day on coffees and food into Café Vivaldi on the edge of Crow Street (which is still there til today). We used to hang around from around 2 O’ Clock in the afternoon until near closing time on most days. Usually talking utter amounts of shite, but it mattered back then.

To be honest, I miss the coffee crew: Stephen, Jane, Nimmy, Jo, Mario, Nicky, Holli and Tania. Most of us drifted apart as you do in life as you get older, but it’s nice to see that when I do see some of the old gang, it’s like we never stopped hangin’ out in the first place.

Thank you, Jane and Stephen for giving me the opportunity to share one of the biggest moments in your life.

Your two amazing people and I’m very happy for you both,

Loadsa Love & Positive Vibes your way,

From Keegs x


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