Top 5 Nikkor Glass / #5

#5 Nikon 50mm f/1.8 D
This is by far the cheapest, sharp lens on the market that no photographer be they professional or amateur, can do without having in their bag. It weighs in at only 157.1g (in other words a little over the weight of an iPhone) and has a maximum aperture of  1.8, meaning that it lets in alot of light, giving you faster shutter speeds and a creamy depth of field. Having such a wide aperture makes this lens excellent for bad lighting situations such as concerts or indoor events.

Minimum distance you can get in on your subject is about half a meter (0.45) whilst still keeping everything sharp and in focus.
I love this lens for it’s all roundedness but specifically for shooting portraits. I also use it as my street photography / walk around  lens.

Like I did, you can pick it up (if you haven’t already) for about €150 in Conns Cameras on Clarendon Street,which is amazing value for money.


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