Project Point & Shoot 004 – Guerilla Photography

More and more I’m finding uses for my phone than just making calls, sending texts and browsing the web.

Being a freelance photographer usually means I have to fight for work with every other photographer out there for jobs and when if I hadn’t got access to my mail on the go I think it I would most certainly be losing out on some fantastic opportunities.

With my latest “All You Can Eat” Data Plan from the ‘3 Network’ I can now shoot, edit and upload my photos straight from the iPhone to Facebook, Twitter and even this blog without the fear of mental charges I might have suffered from other Irish networks.

Now,…fair enough the photos I process are not going to be ten trillion megapixel images, but they’ll be good enough to have an album or two on Flickr and to present them online in the various locations, to which I already post (see Project Point & Shoot)


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