Canon vs Nikon / Nikon vs Canon

Wise Guy

The “Big Secret” finally revealed ladies and gents,

I’m sure if I’m the first to say this but at long last, the overall difference between the two,…

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…..Suprised!? Don’t be…if you can take a photograph, you can use either to do so. It doesn’t make a megapixel of a difference, to be honest.

First time I’d ever had to use a Canon and as an alternative to my D90 that had spazzed out on me on a job a short while ago. I’m not making enough Dollah to have that back up that most photographers are supposed to have at events so I explained the circumstances to the client (who is a long time friend of mine anyway) and he reacted with “Aah don’t worry man, use my Dads”

I panicked a little inside, as I was handed a Canon EOS 450D.
Luckily I’m particularly good at hiding it. I got hold of the camera, quickly figured out the exposure, shutter and ISO buttons and away I went.

I was pretty damn impressed with the results to be honest, and later got my D90 all fixed up.

Lesson: ‘Don’t Cheap Out on Gear, buy the Official equipment and not the cheaper supplement’


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