Photographer vs Faux-tographer

Reprimand :This post is not a complaint against people who want to try and learn, but rather those who think upon picking up a camera think they know all there is to know about the art.

” The term professional is used more generally to denote a white-collar working person, or a person who performs commercially in a field typically reserved for hobbyists or amateurs ” – Wiki (Of all places)

I’ve never been a person to throw the term ‘Professional‘ around, but it’s the only word in the english language that I know can be thrown at clients, job offers or companies to affirm them  of my level of work, before presenting my portfolio.
It’s not a term to be thrown around, especially by weekend-warriors at gigs with their fancy cameras ‘mammy and daddy’ have bought for them.

I’ve realised over the past 3 months, you really don’t need to have an absolute bloody clue how to take a photograph to get ‘X’ amount of friends/Likes on the internet and that in itself is the start of where it all goes wrong.

Dublin is quite possibly one of the most tight-knit cities for photographers, and I’ve found it’s a great network we have going. I’m personally affiliated with several different websites/forums for photographers and we communicate brilliantly via these platforms…I’m not gonna sugar coat what I’m getting at, so here it goes.
If you want to work at this profession, don’t piss all over those that have gone before you and made the mistakes you will more than likely make yourself. Take their advice on board and then go off and make your own decisions on the matter. Do not dismiss them out of your own ignorance, and definitely DO NOT dis them.


‘Dublin IS a very small place, if  your not careful you will EAT your words’

and ‘Unless your best mates with the photographer, DO NOT ask them to get you work’

It’s hard enough as it is to keep a job without faux-tographers coming in and undercutting you to get the job, then screwing it up.

I, (as well as a few other photographer colleagues of mine) work my ass off, day in and day out trying to juggle my commercial work and my college course (Graphic Design & Visual Communication), to have that little piece of paper at the end of the day. There are so many people in the industry that are fully aware how to create the most amazing pieces of artwork/adverts/posters for marketing material – but yet still, they remain unemployed due to the lack of credentials to prove it, so my degree will be my back up net as well as having an extensive portfolio to present to future employers.

I’m ridiculously frustrated seeing blow in photographers & graphic designers that are  getting paid work, over professionals due to the client lacking in both interest and knowledge of whats out there….so they ask anyone to do it! Recently I’ve come across a hoast of absolute bloody tripe in my field and the people who are producing it are glorifying it via Web2.0 and destroying job offers for people with actual talent or who work hard at their trade. I’m not quite sure where I’m going with  this rant, I just want it to be known how I actually feel about the matter.

Somethings gotta give, or I will start naming names.

As mentioned in the blog down below by Dublin Photographer Shay Murphy

“This isn’t a piece aimed at people trying their hand at photography, learning photography or giving it a go. This is aimed at the current trend of people picking up a camera in Argos and calling themselves photographers a week later”

In fact his RANT, renders mine, redundant,

Read it

As for those other Hardworking Photographers I mentioned, here are just some of them.


2 thoughts on “Photographer vs Faux-tographer

  1. I can’t agree with you ikeegan.

    I think your rant is an emotional outburst in response to your frustration at the industry. If you have the talent and nous to shine, then you will shine. I think what you’re exasperated with is the democratisation of the industry. I could well be one of those faux photographers you’re complaining about, but dammit, I’m good at what I do, really good. But I’ve never had a single day’s formal training in photography, I have degrees in Maths & Electronics mind you, but my photographic skills have been learnt by osmosis and error over years. How pompous to lord it over people who don’t have formal photographic education.

    You complain about clients not having the interest or knowledge of what’s out there, well, welcome to the Real World. You may have noticed that we’re deep in recession at the moment, clients are looking to cut corners, and those corners are generally in marketing and elective services such as photographers and ad agencies. They’re looking for value for money, and if they perceive that they’re getting value by hiring a cheap photographer, well then, that is what the market is.

    You say that there are many out there capable of creating marketing materials but they’re not getting the gigs without credentials, well, I suspect that perhaps it’s their lack of connections and contact with the real world rather than their lack of formal education in the field.

    Just get out and do it! Stop moping 🙂

    1. You took this up wrong.

      An outburst, Yes sir.
      An emotional one, No, not in the slightest.

      I had no intention of coming across pompous or arrogant on the matter.

      With or without training, wasn’t my argument friend.I have neither.I’m studying something completely different in college to my profession.

      Also, I have seen your work and can confirm I am most definitely NOT talking about someone of your standard.I am a regular on your fb fan page sir 🙂

      What I was getting at, in a roundabout way was my frustration or exasperation at these people in the industry who are, and I mean literally picking there cameras up and a week later going out and charging a fortune for snapshots.

      I cant apologise for what I have said above as I feel strongly in my heart and soul what I have said is truth and by no means offensive to the true shining lights in Dublins photography industry (No pun intended lol)

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